Our Communities

MRC has experienced more than ten years of successful refugee settlement, with a number of different migrant communities now settled long-term within the wider community.

Over the last ten years, there have been approximately 1,400 humanitarian entrants and refugees who now call Australia home.




Communities from Sudan; Eritrea; Liberia; Burmese; Congo; and Bhutan

The members of these communities have successfully settled into Launceston’s community over the last seven to 12 years. They have remained permanent and long-term community members since they first arrived in Launceston.

These community groups have integrated into life in the local community and Launceston’s community has embraced them. Young community members actively engage in sporting clubs and other activities across the city. Many families who have settled her long-term have purchased residential properties.

Employment and Education:

Members actively participated in a wide variety of employment, from unskilled work to professional roles, across the community, government and private sectors.

These community members are involved in all tiers of education, from vocational training to tertiary level. There are significant numbers of community members who have graduated with professional qualifications, and are currently employed locally.

A number these community members have relocated to Launceston in order to participate in tertiary education.


Community members from Afghanistan

The settlement numbers for this community group has increased steadily, with only three families having relocated interstate from Launceston.

The Afghan women are actively engaged in MRC’s Women’s Group. This program delivers a range of activities to build life-skills and to support integration with Launceston’s wider community.

Employment and Education:

The Afghan Hazara community is currently participating in TasTAFE’s Australian Migrant English Program and MRC’s Find Your Way into Work Program, which is an intensive employment pathway and readiness program.


Launceston has a rich history of migration. Early settlers include German, British, Chinese, Polish and Dutch. The European migrants arrived in the 1940s under assisted package schemes and worked on significant infrastructure projects, such as the Hydro Electric Commission. There remains a strong European contingent in the region.

The DSS Settlement Reporting Facility lists the following settlers by country of birth in Northern Tasmania (2005-2014):

Bhutan                                            China

United Kingdom                           Burma

India                                                Sierra Leone

Philippines                                     USA

South Africa                                   Ethiopia

Nepal                                               Zimbabwe
Sudan                                              Thailand

Malaysia                                         New Zealand