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The Migrant Resource Centre provides a range of arrival, settlement and integration services for migrants and refugees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

These include:

  • Humanitarian Settlement Services
  • Case Management
  • Youth Activities and Tutoring Program
  • Early Childhood Services, including Playgroup
  • Immigration Advice and Assistance
  • Drive 4 Life Program
  • Heritage Forest Community Garden and Social Enterprise
  • Workshops and Forums
  • Job Coaching and Micro-Business Support
  • Cultural Awareness Training


The on-arrival needs of humanitarian entrants are considerable. Volunteers can play a significant role in helping entrants gain the basic skills they need to transition into their new surroundings.

A warm welcome and practical assistance with unfamiliar tasks help new arrivals settle into the Launceston community.

There are various opportunities for volunteers to provide support to humanitarian entrants across the following MRC programs

The Department of Settlement Services (DSS) provides Settlement Grants Program (SGP) funding to meet the settlement needs of:

  • Newly arrived humanitarian entrants
  • Family stream migrants with low levels of English proficiency
  • Dependents of skilled migrants in rural and regional areas with low English proficiency.

The aim of the SGP is to deliver services which assist eligible clients to become self-reliant and participate equitably in Australian society as soon as possible after arrival.


Volunteers provide the following support:

  • Assist new arrivals to orient themselves to their new community
  • Help new arrivals to establish communities
  • Promote social participation and integration

If you would like to become an SGP volunteer, please complete the APPLICATION FORM

Through the offshore Humanitarian Program, Australia annually welcomes thousands of refugees and humanitarian entrants who have faced serious violations of their human rights.

The Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) Program provides early practical support (generally for the first six to twelve months) to humanitarian entrants to help them settle into the community.

The HSS program:

  • Provide clients with tailored support to begin a new life in Australia
  • Strengthen a client’s ability to fully participate in the economic and social life of Australia
  • Give clients the skills and knowledge to independently access services beyond the HSS program


Volunteers may be requested to assist with the following tasks in agreement and approval by the case manager:

  • Orientation to locality
  • Introduce to community groups
  • Visits the new arrivals in their home

If you would like to become an HSS volunteer, please complete the APPLICATION FORM

The Drive 4 Life (D4L) Program is a community project established to assist migrants and refugees through the process of securing a driver’s licence. The Program’s participants are migrants and refugees who are on low incomes and unable to access mentor driving services.

A licence to drive is a passport for these migrants and refugees to gain independence.

Obtaining a licence is integral in supporting their transition into settlement within the Launceston community, particularly to engage in education and secure employment, and enable them to realise their full potential in the Launceston community.

The D4L Program has recruited 40 dedicated volunteers who act as mentors that provide complimentary driving tuition in one of two dual-controlled vehicles that are owned by MRC.

If you would like to become an D4L volunteer, please complete the application form

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