Welcome to Tasmania – Information and Referral

MRC continues to support migrant entrants into Northern Tasmania through the provision of services to help migrants living in Australia for over 5 years.

We provide the Migrant Information and Referral to assist migrants who have been Australia for over five years, or who have not arrived under the Humanitarian Program. 

This provides a broad range of services, information, advice and referral. 

The most common reasons for accessing this service are:

  • Housing and accommodation
  • Citizenship
  • Education, training and study options
  • Migration services including visas
  • Centrelink matters
  • Transport options and driving tuition
  • Family and social support
  • Civic participation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Legal and justice issues
  • Overseas qualification recognition.

All of these services are provided free of charge to migrants living in the North and North-West of the state.

We are able to provide these services for free as the Migrant Information and Referral service is generously funded by the Tasmanian Department of Communities. 

Welcome to Tasmania provides settlement advice and information to people newly arrived in Tasmania (in the last two years) or intending to move to Tasmania. This includes temporary and permanent skilled migrants, family stream migrants and international students.

Moving to a new country can be exciting and rewarding but challenging at the same time. When you move there are a lot of questions to answer and sometimes you won’t know who to ask.

To help you make your temporary or permanent home in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government funds an Information and Referral service for new arrivals, which can assist you with many of the initial issues you may have such as:

  • Finding a place to live
  • Getting connected – utilities, phone and internet
  • Learning English
  • Enrolling your child in day-care or a school
  • Finding a family doctor
  • Exchanging money and shopping
  • Obtaining your driver’s licence
  • Using public transport
  • Getting to know your local community – social, sporting and recreational opportunities
  • Studying options
  • Applying for a tax file number
  • Finding a job or having job issues
  • Applying for citizenship
  • And many more questions and issues you may have

Find out more

For more information, or to access the service, please come visit us at 95-99 Cameron Street in Launceston, or contact us.

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