Volunteering with MRC is a rewarding experience that will enrich your life.

MRC volunteers are adaptable and willing to assist Launceston’s multicultural communities. 

Types of volunteering with MRC

Community Development program volunteers are always welcomed, from a couple of hours a month to weekly or daily, your contribution will always be valued.

In the community, volunteers assist people with practical tasks including attending appointments, form filling, connecting their internet, understanding systems and processes e.g. banks, hospital, schools, learning to use public transport, introducing them to social activities and making warm referrals to other service providers.

MRC volunteers are integral in the Drive4Life driver mentor program where you can choose the number of hours you would like to volunteer. MRC has dual control vehicles for the use of mentors, which require an orientation and training program to be completed.

Volunteers are also found providing tuition to secondary school aged students and English conversation practice to adults.

Two volunteers share their story

Gwen Woods and Sue Midgely have been volunteering with MRC for thirty six years. They have assisted hundreds of people to settle in Launceston.

Volunteering with new arrivals is an extremely specialised area.  Volunteers generously give their time to others, while being aware of the ‘lived experience’ of the people they are assisting. Their actions set wonderful examples for other members of the community which can help new arrivals to feel more welcome in their new home.

Gwen and Sue share an ability to befriend strangers while never viewing them as such which speaks to a special ability and one that is rare.

Sue says she could never imagine the impact volunteering would have on her life. ‘You really become a part of people’s lives and I have made lifelong friends’.

Curiosity, acceptance, a can do attitude and kindness mark the points that Gwen and Sue demonstrate in their work as volunteers. They support many families, while respecting the autonomy of each person’s particular situation in their settlement experience.

Find out more

If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities we would love to hear from you. 

Our Volunteer Application form is available to download, which can be filled out and sent back to the MRC via email, or dropped in to our office at 8 Broadland Drive, Launceston 7250.

If you need any more information about volunteering with MRC, please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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