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Important COVID-19 Notice

MRC has announced some changes to the way it delivers services to clients, families and communities, with effect from the 25th March 2020, until further notice.

MRC has made these changes to ensure the safest possible environment for all clients, staff and volunteers during the COVID-19 virus.

For now, MRC will not be offering face-to-face services and meetings EXCEPT in our support work for participants in the NDIS. Our hours of operation will remain the same:  Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

For all other services, clients will be supported by phone, various Apps, email and video calls.

MRC will no longer be offering group activities or meetings at the Haig Community Space.

If you come to the Cameron Street office there will be a sign on the door providing the best number to call. A staff member will find out what you need and attend to your query.

In this way there will only be minimal disruption to services. Please be assured that MRC staff will be able to assist with any issue and provide interpreting as usual and as necessary.

We are urging staff and clients to maintain good hygiene and social distancing. All of our staff are aware of the recommended preventative measures, as well as the actions to be taken if a staff member or client is suspected to have, or is diagnosed with, COVID-19.

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